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Una Simple Formula natural de hierbas que reduce el apetito y promueve la pérdida de peso cada 24 horas
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March 2024 - Groundbreaking Scientific Discovery

Recent research reveals a revolutionary approach to weight loss, and it's not what you'd expect!

Do you struggle to lose weight regardless of how much effort you put into diets or exercise? It turns out it's not your fault.

Studies in 2024 have shown that Spirulina, a natural superalgae, could be key in the fight against overweight. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties not only combat exercise-induced oxidative stress and inflammation but also promote a healthy metabolism, effectively supporting weight management. Spirulina, known for its high nutritional value, emerges as a promising ally in the pursuit of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

That's why we have created...

Super Spirulina - Appetite Suppressant - Slimming Caps

Super Spirulina - Appetite Suppressant - Slimming Caps


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Hollywood's exotic secret to healthy weight loss

Super Spirulina - Appetite Suppressant

It is one of the few products in the world featuring a patented blend of exotic nutrients and plants designed to support and optimize your metabolism, harnessing the powerful benefits of Spirulina to promote a healthy lifestyle and effective weight management. With each slight increase in your metabolism thanks to Spirulina, you will experience a significant advancement in calorie burning, propelling your dormant metabolism into a full fat-burning and energy-boosting mode!

Patented Formula:

Dentro de cada cápsula de Super Spirulina, encontrarás:

Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis):

This blue-green microalgae is highly valued for its nutritional density, including complete proteins, B vitamins, antioxidants such as beta-carotene, and essential minerals. Its ability to boost metabolism is attributed to its high protein and essential fatty acids content, which can increase the metabolic rate and promote energy burning. Furthermore, the presence of phytonutrients in spirulina may contribute to improved physical endurance and reduced fatigue.

Morinda citrifolia

Noni is a tropical fruit known for its wide range of phytochemicals, including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Its role in enhancing the immune system and reducing oxidative stress has been researched, which may contribute to overall well-being. Furthermore, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of noni have been studied, suggesting potential benefits in improving physical endurance and muscle recovery.

Cinnamomum verum

Cinnamon is valued not only for its aromatic qualities but also for its bioactive compounds, such as cinnamaldehyde. This compound has been shown to have positive effects on the regulation of glucose metabolism and insulin, which may be beneficial for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Additionally, cinnamon has been observed to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation, thereby contributing to cardiovascular health.

Zingiber officinale

Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, ginger contains gingerol, a compound proven to be effective in reducing nausea and promoting gastrointestinal motility. These effects aid digestion and can help prevent stomach discomfort. Furthermore, ginger can relieve pain and inflammation, making it beneficial in treating inflammatory conditions.

Más de 6 extractos más

6 other herbal extracts enhance the fat burning and satiety effect of Spirulina.


Super Spirulina

Natural Formula


Free of additives and stimulants

Vegan ingredients

Easy absorption

Does not cause dependency

Order 6 or 3 bottles and get 2 free bonuses!

BONUS #1: Guide to Powerful Fat Burning Foods

Learn to select the best foods that will enhance your energy throughout the day and heal your body without resorting to harsh diets.

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A guide that teaches you simple actions you can take daily without feeling enslaved to change your routine and maximize calorie burning.

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    Preguntas Frecuentes


    Is Super Spirulina right for me?

    Do you have deep and stubborn fat deposits that no diet or exercise seems to eliminate? If so, the answer is yes, Super Spirulina is right for you. Super Spirulina has transformed the lives of thousands of women and men from 18 to 80 years old and is designed to quickly liquefy fat even in the most challenging cases.


    Is Super Spirulina Safe?

    Super Spirulina: Each ingredient is 100% plant-based, soy-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and subjected to additional third-party inspections and quality control to ensure high purity and potency. As always, we advise you to show a bottle of this to your doctor before taking it, just to be safe.


    How many bottles should I order?

    If you are over 35 years old or carry excess weight, we recommend taking Super Spirulina for at least 3 to 6 months to allow sufficient time for it to act throughout your body, focusing on low levels of brown adipose tissue, achieving your desired weight, and maintaining it steadily for years to come. Each 3-bottle package of Puravive comes with 2 completely free gift books. Or make the smart choice and get the 6-bottle package at a significant discount, which also includes the 2 free gift books, as well as free shipping.


    What is the best way to take the Super Spirulina supplement?

    Take one capsule of Super Spirulina with a large glass of cold water every day. Its proprietary and custom blend of natural ingredients will start to dissolve fat for you even while you sleep.


    Is it a one-off payment?

    Yes, your order today is a one-time payment with no automatic shipments, subscriptions, or hidden fees.